Tecnitas can propose a wide range of services to the key stakeholders of the marine sectors:

At different project phases, from its early beginning to its end, Tecnitas can offer customised services. For instance, in case of a new vessel project, services can be provided from the feasibility studies stage up to the dismantling operations and can cover design stage, building stage and in-service operations. Conversion studies and life extension  projects can also be investigated.

Tecnitas can offer spot services to deal with a specific matter or a package of different services in a more global context of a project. In every case, the services can be fully customized to match the Client specific needs.

Technical topics can be investigated, such as hull, machinery, propulsion, equipment, stability, safety… as well as economic matters, in order to cover all the aspects of the project and guarantee his success.

If relevant and in agreement with the Client, the deliverables issued at the end of the investigations can be submitted to the Classification Society for approval.