Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) analysis

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy has naturally dawned from the operators desire to move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy, i.e. developing risk based maintenance practices that incur minimal intrusion.

By the monitoring of occurrence and evolution of potential failures of strategic equipment, the condition monitoring techniques like vibration monitoring, oil analysis, thermography, performance parameters provide information to operator or maintenance staff in order to plan their maintenance at the most appropriate time. At the same time, the risk of corrective maintenance is drastically reduced. Thus, the implementation of an elaborated CBM strategy is a lever in companies to reduce considerably maintenance costs while minimizing equipment downtime.

Tecnitas can assist their customers in the development of an adequate CBM strategy and guide its implementation in a plant. The CBM analysis consists of:

  • Selecting the strategic equipment to be included in the CBM strategy,
  • Defining the corresponding parameters to be monitored and the failure modes which will be detectable,
  • An overview of suitable required systems to be implemented such as a computer based system for data acquisition, database storage, data review and reporting in order to achieve CBM implementation success.

This process is usually carried out while conducting a RCM analysis, thus leading to the implementation of other solutions when CBM strategy is not applicable or optimum. The mix of RCM and CBM analyses guarantees the optimal maintenance strategy for company assets.