Technical Assistance

Tecnitas provides assistance to clients all along the technical and commercial life of a marine asset. It starts at the conception stage, continues at the contract definition, approval of plans and continues with the follow up of construction on behalf of the owner as specified below. 

Part of the process will be the establishment of technical specifications by gathering, complementing and finalizing the needs. Shipbuilding contract can be then reviewed and assistance for selecting the shipyards can be provided. A conceptual design can also be produced in close cooperation with Ship Owner. In case of a general arrangement and a basic technical specification is already available, Tecnitas can assist in assessing the project feasibility, either for a newbuilding or a conversion. A budget estimate can be performed by consulting of shipyards, in order to help the Ship Owner in the decision.

In general, such activities are carried-out by our teams of experts:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Owner Design Approval
  • Feasability studies: The feasibility study is a technical study that checks the feasibility of the project. The purpose of this study is to validate the main dimensions/particulars, identify what will be the difficulties, highlight the risks and offers technical solutions to mitigate them. This may include an assessment of the cost of the new building.
  • Conversion Studies: Projects also often concern existing ships (or offshore units). Adding a new function, integrating new equipment, modifying a loading case, ensuring compliance with applicable rules are some possible subjects. Here also a feasibility study might be necessary before providing some detailed integration plans.
  • Review of calculation notes & designs: This assistance deals with reviewing all the major documents issued by Ship Owner and/or Shipyard. The review is not a duplicate of the scope of work of the Class, but acts as a useful help to Ship Owner for subjects like conformity with the specifications, checking of the performances, assisting during trials.

On a more specific basis, Tecnitas can develop manuals, investigate modifications to the asset, investigate the impact of unexpected specific loading conditions (clearing also the Class part), check of vessel’s stability and more.

Tecnitas can count on a pool of naval architects and marine engineers with diversified experiences and knowledge. Our capability of working as a team gives us a valuable advantage allowing us to have a comprehensive and thorough approach.