Noise & Vibrations

Noise and vibrations are becoming nowadays a very important part of the design process due to the more and more stringent requests of the international regulations in relation with safety, human exposure, comfort…, but also due to the potential damages on structures and systems induced by high vibrations.

The physical characteristics of noise and vibrations are different, mainly because the frequencies ranges associated to the two phenomena have not the same order of magnitude. However the vibration response of a structure may induce structure borne noise which could be an essential component (in addition to the air borne noise) of the resultant noise level. Depending of the considered project, it could be then essential to consider this interaction between noise and vibrations phenomena for an accurate analysis.

Tecnitas can provide assistance for:

  • predicting noise and vibrations levels at the design stage using dedicated methodologies, such as SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis) for calculating noise levels and FEM (Finite Element Method) for calculating vibrations levels,
  • performing noise and vibrations measurements,
  • proposing mitigations measures when calculated and/or measured levels do not comply with relevant specifications.

The basics of the predictive noise and vibrations calculations are quite identical for the different concerned sectors. However, specificities may occur for particular analyses, such as: