Vibration calculations of equipment

Vibration phenomena in industrial plants may affect the integrity of the equipment and its supporting structure. It may be also detrimental for the working conditions as vibrations may generate excessive noise levels.

As for any vibration analysis, the main target is to avoid the appearance of a resonance phenomenon between the natural frequencies, of the assembly of equipment and its supporting steelwork and the excitation frequencies, of the relevant rotating machines.

The avoidance of resonance phenomenon can be achieved by a suitable design of the structure an a proper selection of elastic mountings for the equipment, if relevant.

If rotating shafts exist in the installation, it is particularly important to ensure optimum alignment conditions to obtain a good compatibility between the shaft and its bearings supported by skids or other structure. In this context LILAS software initially developed for propulsion line shafting of ships can be used.

Tecnitas can propose vibrations calculations services together with measurements in the context of the verification of the compliance of the installation with specifications or for defining and validating solutions to decrease vibrations levels.