Complex Non-Linear Analysis

Tecnitas has developed since a long time particular skills for performing complex non-linear analyses involving different types of non-linearities, such as:

  • geometric non-linearities (large displacements),
  • material non-linearities (typically elasto-plasticity but also creep, soils in geotechnics…),
  • contact phenomena which may occur within complex mechanical systems but also in case of collisions and drop objects analyses,

Tecnitas performs complex non linear analyses using Abaqus® software suite, mainly Abaqus/CAE, Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/Explicit developed by Dassault Systems. Tecnitas is able to develop customized Abaqus® user’s subroutines in order to handle accurately particular aspects of a physical problem, such as:

  • a non standard material constitutive model (subroutine UMAT®)
  • the management of field variables for a proper exchange of information within the software during the analysis (subroutine USDFLD®)
  • a particular loading, constraint, or thermal effect (subroutines DLOAD®, DISP®, MPC®, HETVAL®…)
  • a particular friction law in contact phenomenon (subroutine FRIC®)