Noise level & exposure measurements

 Excessive noise levels may induce discomfort, annoyance and possibly health related risks, especially for workers. Tecnitas can offer in situ noise & exposure levels measurements services to ship owners, shipyards and for any onshore/offshore or industrial facility. 

Tecnitas performs measurements according to the state of the art, ensuring results traceability, uncertainty assessment and compliance to the specified international standards and guide lines.

The purpose of the measurements is to assess noise levels according to the applicable/specified criteria:

  • To draw up an acoustic mapping of a location, a room, a plant or a factory
  • To assess long term health risk due to excessive noise level at workplace
  • To assess short term annoyance and/or long term health risk due to excessive noise
  • To assess the conformity of the observed noise levels with the relevant standard/international regulation such as:
    • BV COMFORT class notation
    • IMO Resolution MSC.337(91) (The Noise Code)
    • ISO 2923
    • European Directive 2003/10/CE
    • BV ACCOM guidance note
    • ILO Convention MLC 2006

The efficiency of noise measurements services can be enhanced by predictive analysis (ex: Noise predictive analysis) for defining the most suitable insulation plan at design stage or for proposing validated solutions in case of troubleshooting...