Vibratory phenomena may trigger unexpected damages on rotating equipment, machinery and structural details. Vibrations measurements is an efficient diagnostic tool which is used in order to characterize and to address vibration issues on rotating machinery, structures and plants.

Tecnitas can offer in situ vibrations levels measurements services to ship owners, shipyards and for any onshore/offshore or industrial facility. These services include a diagnostic of rotating machinery, structures, piping, as well as an operational modal analysis service which allows characterizing natural frequencies and mode shapes of a structure by experiments.

Tecnitas performs measurements according to the state of the art, ensuring results traceability, uncertainty assessment and compliance to the specified international standards and guide lines.

The purpose of vibrations measurements is to assess the severity of the observed vibrations with respect to the applicable/specified criteria and to provide a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena, such as:

  • assessment of the long term / short term possible damage risk on an equipment, machinery or structural detail,
  • assessment of the conformity of the observed levels with the relevant standard/international regulation such as:
    • BV COMFORT class notation
    • ISO 6954
    • ISO 10816
    • ISO 8528-9
    • ISO 20283
  • assessment of the passenger and crew comfort with regard to vibration,
  • address of the vibration issues on rotating machineries, propulsion systems, structures and plants.

The efficiency of vibrations measurements services can be enhanced by vibrations calculations (ex: Vibration calculations in marine, Vibration calculations of equipment) for validating the design from vibrations point of view or for proposing validated solutions in case of troubleshooting.