Ship Speed & Power

Tecnitas provides to ship owners and ship yards ship speed measurement service based on simultaneous time and coordinates measurements through a DGPS system.

The assessment of the mechanical power transmitted from an engine to a shaft driven machine allows measuring the actual power delivered within plant operations. It is also useful for the verification of contractual power.

Tecnitas offers a complete set of services to Clients, ensuring results traceability to international standards.

  • Speed measurement by means of a DGPS receiver  implemented on an open deck of the ship under test
  • Power measurement based on simultaneous torque measurement and rpm measurement. It features a strain gauge torque transducer implemented on the shaft and a rpm transducer.
  • Speed and power measurement according to ISO15016: 2015 during sea trials, 

During preliminary contacts, Tecnitas team members provide their assistance for the scope definition and the choice of the applicable standard(s)

The on-site specialists perform the measurements with dedicated equipment.

The measurement reports are a convenient basis for the calculation of the attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) at sea trial as defined in IMO Resolution MEPC.254(67).