Strain measurements give an accurate picture of the behaviour of structures under stress. Tecnitas provides in situ strain measurement service for the purpose of structure study onshore and/or offshore. Our solutions may also be fitted for cranes manufacturer or suppliers and to any organization which is involved in cranes and lifting gears maintenance and commissioning.

We offer a complete set of services to our Clients, ensuring results traceability to international standards, uncertainty assessment and compliance to the specified measurement standard/guideline, in order to:

  • Perform the strain/stress measurement during a load test in the framework of the commissioning of a gantry crane, an Electrical Overhead Traveling crane or a lifting gear
  • Investigate the static and dynamic behaviour of a structure or a detail under stress 
  • Correlate the structure calculation with stress levels observed in real life conditions and for model validation purpose
  • Monitor cyclic stresses against time for fatigue assessment purpose
  • Monitor fast signals up to 20kHz against time and/or frequency 






Measured crane on an African dam FE Model of the crane Gauges on the crane