Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Analysis

During any emergency situation, personnel must be able to escape from hazardous areas towards temporary refuges, to evacuate from the facility and to be rescued and taken to a place of safety. Outputs from Fire and Explosion Analysis (FERA), Smoke and Gas Dispersion Analysis (SGDA) and recommended practices along with understanding of personnel distribution are commonly used to develop Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Analysis (EERA).

The EERA will:

  • evaluate the adequacy of escape, evacuation and rescue means under identified emergency scenarios (thermal radiations; blast and smoke/gas dispersion),
  • assess the escape from the individual areas (i.e. process area decks, accommodation, hull, utility room, etc.);
  • assess the integrity and endurance time of the temporary refuges, and
  • assess the adequacy of the evacuation philosophy.