Ship Safety

Aternative Design and Equivalents Studies

The objective is to support the application for approval of a design that does not comply with certain rules or regulations, by demonstrating that it offers the same safety level as required by the challenged rules and regulations. This typically concerns fire safety, alternative life-saving appliances and arrangements as well as other types of equivalents.


Advanced Evacuation Analysis for Passenger Ships

A range of tools, from simple spreadsheet calculations to full time domain evacuation simulations can be applied to evaluate compliance to SOLAS of Ro-pax ships and/or to support shipowners defining the evacuation procedures for all types of passenger ships.


Advanced Gas Dispersion and Explosion Analysis for gas fuelled ships

CFD models are used to evaluate quantitatively the consequences of voluntary or involuntary releases of natural gas, or other low-flash point gases, onboard gas fuelled ships, for instance in the frame of the IGF or the IGC codes.