EMPREINTE - Assessment of Damaged Pipes

EMPREINTE™: an advanced software for integrity assessment of damaged pipes

EMPREINTE™ is a software developed by Tecnitas and Total E&P. It is  specifically designed to perform  a very quick assessment (48 hours) of the mechanical integrity of a damaged pipe.

The assessment is based on the value of pipe burst pressure (comparison between intact and damaged state). The aim of EMPREINTE™ is to validate the use of the pipe with the defect, potentially with a lower service pressure, up to the next scheduled shutdown for repairing the pipe. It has been validated for impact depths up to 52% of the diameter.

EMPREINTE™ is a pre and post processing software designed for working with Abaqus software as solver. 

EMPREINTE™ methodology

  • based on a 3D scan of the damage
  • a virtual tool is created on the basis of the 3D scan for simulating the damage process (elasto plastic deformation followed by elastic spring back) by finite element calculations
  • the calculated deformed shape is compared to the shape issued from 3D scan and the virtual tool is updated if necessary (iterative process).
  • calculation of burst pressure 

EMPREINTE™ automates a lot of tasks such as meshing, virtual tool update… to shorten as far as possible the assessment time

Definition of a virtual tool  Simulating the impact Comparison between calculated and observed damage profile
Iterative process

EMPREINTE™ additional features

  • Pipe with thickness variation
  • Corroded pipe
  • Pipe-in pipe (isoflex, centralizers)
  • Flaw pipe
  • Long pipe (bending effect)
  • Fatigue assessment (additional module)